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We can not host ngage roms on our server because Nokia is on to us. It's illegal to disributr roms and we will never do it... But if you search the net you can find many places to Download from like this NGAGE EMU & ROMZ page (It is hosted and operated by GBXemu and is in NO way rated to it. We are not responsible for the content of that page...)

Nokia NG Game Deck can play all the game roms that were awailable for N Series 60 / Symbian OS mobile phones. Now 3D games like Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk are too large to be downloaded via GPRS and that is good. You may ask why? Because now Nokia had to put the Games on MMC cards.

you can buy the 128 meg MultiMedia card (MMC) at any computer or cellular shop near you. just ask for the 128 mb MMC compatible with your 3650. if you are an ebay member there are dozens to choose from. the original nokia MMC memory card is so expensive. you can buy other brands like mine which is a pqi 128 mb MMC memory card made in taiwan and it is just as good. so there. hope this helps.

The games that will be sold on MMC cards won't run on other Series 60 phones,except the N-Gage because in the proccess of coding the developrs used API's that are specific to the N-Gage.Symbian Series 60 and java apps that work on other Series 60 phones will work on the N-Gage.

Nokia N-Gage device games are sold on copy-protected memory cards starting at 8 megabytes. These are much larger games than anything you would ever download over the air into a regular Series 60 device. Copy protection system preventing unauthorized sharing and copying

Can play games that are designed for 3510i/3530/8910i phones.


n-gage roms game backups


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NGage Games


 N-Gage roms : Nokia Game Deck

  • FIFA Soccer 2004 Sports
  • Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer Sports
  • MLB Slam! Sports
  • MotoGP Racing
  • NCAA Football 2004 Sports
  • Pandemonium Action
  • Pathway to Glory TBA
  • Puyo Pop Puyo Pop
  • Puzzle Bobble VS Arcade
  • Rayman 3 Action/Adventure
  • Red Faction First Person Shooter
  • Sega Rally Championship Racing
  • SonicN Arcade
  • Super Monkey Ball Action
  • Taito Memories Arcade
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Action
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Action
  • Tomb Raider Action/Adventure
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Extreme Sports
  • Virtua Tennis Sports

********** This guide is intended for LEGAL use of making backups of already owned games*****

iPhone Emulators offers gpSPhone Gameboy emulator for Apple i Phone.

No$GBA - the best GBA and NDS rom emulator for PC.

*insert an original N-gage game into the device and connect to pc via USB.

*load up Winhex version 10 or higher as a previous version wont recognise the n-gage
as a memory device (freeware version avalible but needs registering ;D )

*go to Tools> disc tools> clone disc and select your n-gage as the source file and
create a new file for your destination. Tick 'copy entire source disc file' and click ok.

*once done remove your n-gage and swap the original game for a blank MMC and reconnect
to pc.

*once again go to clone disc but this time select the file you created as the source and
the blank disc in your n-gage as the destination and click ok. if you get an error saying
'invalid input' put a 0 in the 'start sector box'.

*once finnished you will have an exact copy of your original game. your pc wont recognise
the files untill you disconnect and reconnect the n-gage. Now you can copy the files to
your pc's hard drive as a backup of your already owned original n-gage game.

For those of you that have seen or downloaded any 'beta' games off of edonkey this is
exactly how they are made.

Getting the backups to play is a different matter as if you try to play them you will
get an error message saying 'corrupt memory device' and your n-gage will restart. This
seems to be some form of copy protection, anyone who knows how to fix this should email
me at infinite__fire@ (thats two under scores) or reply here.


Download Nokia n-gage roms and n gage emulator. N-Gage emu version 1.42 runs at 35 fps. First Nokia n-gage emulator that can play backup ng romz.

Emulation is possible not only on the PC but also on the Nokia Game Deck! Gameboy roms emulator for NGage called GoBoy can play / emulate backup game boy rom files that you can download from the internet. At the moment there is no GBA (GameBoy Advance Emulator for Symbian OS) n%2dgage. To mke a GBA emulator for Nokia (while possible in theory) will not be n easy task. Symbian with (Java) j2me is not fast enough to play new GBASP backups at full speed.

Also Snes emulator was made for GP32 it has't been heard that somebody was porting it for Symbian.
gameboy advance emulator for Symbian mobile OS.


 N-Gage Technical Specification 
n-gage game deckCivilization free ngage rom download.
Publisher: Atari Developer: Gryphondale Studios
Platform: N-Gage Genre: Strategy.
One Nokia | NGE | Action
Glimmerati Driving
X-Men Legends 2 RPG roms.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.
Catan ngage rom
WWE Aftershock
Rifts: Promise of Power Role-Playing
Spirits Strategy
Worms World Party.
- Weight: 137 g (with standard battery)
- Dimensions: 133,7 x 69.7 x 20,2 mm, 139cc


- Exciting games oriented design: not really - to change games / MMC cards you have to open the phone, take out the battery and only than you can switch the games - Nokia really messed things up there! Haven't they seen what handheld consoles look like. The game card should be inserted WITHOUT taking the unit apart!!!)
- Ergonomic game controls for two-hand use (keys divided on both sides
   of the screen - BUT no shoulder buttons like GBA and all the rest of the consoles have)
- Five-way directional controller (works eight ways in games)
- High fidelity stereo headset for music player, FM stereo radio, and voice
   calls (mono)
- Internal antenna
- Built-in vibrator
- IHF speaker for calls, game sounds, music
- Stereo line in for audio recording (analog)
- Slave USB 1.1. for digital music download from PC

Interactive Games
- Catalogue of branded AAA quality games available at sales start
- Single player games, local multiplayer Bluetooth games
- Games available on game cards (MMC)
- 3.4 MB user memory on device flash

Display and User Interface
- Illuminated high-contrast, full-graphics color display (size 176 x 208 pixels)
- Series 60 graphical user interface enabling application multitasking with
   five-way navigation
- Separate application key, music and radio short cut keys, highlighted game

Digital Music Player
- Digital music player for AAC and MP3 files
- Stereo line in for audio recording (analog)
- Slave USB 1.1. for digital music download from PC
- High fidelity stereo headset for music player, FM stereo radio, and voice calls
- Integrated recorder (AAC) from analog stereo line connector and FM radio
- Music file download from compatible PC over USB cable
- 64 MB memory card for music
- Handsfree speaker for music listening
- Short cut button to start the Music Player

Enhanced Messaging
- Email protocols (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, MIME2)
- Multimedia messaging (send, reply, forward, play audio, stop audio, insert
   multimedia content) enabling easy and more colorful messaging with
   compatible devices
- Enhanced SMS support including: Multiple SMS sending, SMS concatenation,
   templates, smileys, and picture messages

* Messaging features are dependent on the network as well as on the compatibility of devices used and content formats supported.

Stereo FM Radio
- News and music available from favorite radio channels
- Automatic next/previous channel seek
- 20 radio channel memory-Integrated recorder (AAC)
- Handsfree speaker for radio
- Short cut button to start the radio

Wireless Connectivity
- Data support HSCSD, GPRS Multislot Class 6 (2+2, 3+1, class B)
- Bluetooth
- Wireless phone-to-phone or phone-to-PC connectivity
- Send/receive pictures, graphics, and business cards
- Play games
- SyncML

Nokia Audio Manager PC Software
- Requires Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 professional,
   Windows XP, USB port (for detailed requirements see User's Guide
   provided in the sales package).
-Create AAC music files from CD
-Playlists to organize music files in PC

High Speed Data
- HSCSD up to 43.2 kilobits
- GPRS up to 40.2 kilobits (Class B, 3+1, 2+2)

Java Technology
- Supports the standard Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME™)

- 3.4 MB internal + external memory cards (32, 64 and 128 Mb available
- 64 MB memory -card (MMC) provided in the sales package.
- Shared memory for images, contact data, calendar, messages, and
   add-on applications

Operating System
- Symbian OS with Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME™) support

Personal Information Management
- Calendar
- To-Do list
- Contacts/Address book
- Pinboard

Polyphonic Ringing Tones
- Mono ringing tone composer
- MP3, AAC, Midi, WAV ringing tones

Triple Band Operation
- GSM 900/1800/1900; automatic switching between bands

Voice Features
- Voice dialing; memory for 20 names and numbers
- Voice recorder
- Integrated handsfree speaker

- XHTML over GSM data, HSCSD, and GPRS.
- Access current WAP services with the XHTML browser

Some features are network dependent. Please check the availability of WAP services with your network operator and/or WAP service provider.

Content with XHTML Browser
- XHTML with iMode extension
- Over-the-air download of new Java™-based games/game levels

Standard Sales Package
ACP-12 Charger
HDD-2 Stereo Headset
DKE-2 USB Cable
ADE-2 Recording Cable
ADA-2 Adapter Cable
64 MB memory card (MMC)
BL-5C Li-Ion Battery
Booklet (including User's Guide and Warranty card)
Games brochure

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